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  The dental care of the dogs
The diseases of the buccal mucosa are grouped in a syndrome, well-known between veterinarians as gingivitis-periodontitis-plate-tartar. It is specially important in dogs of miniature, small and medium breeds, and less in great breeds. Yorkshire Terriers, Miniature and Toy Poodles, Dachshunds, Pinschers, Chihuahua and Cockers are the most affected breeds and also those of indefinite breed, so it is not possible to speak of breed predisposition of the "tartar disease", but an individual predisposition and causes to favor
  Main problems of the Dalmatian dogs

One of the most important problems that Dalmatians have is the predisposition to form calculus of urates. They lack an enzyme that allows unfold the purines until becoming at urea, producing an intermediate step, the uric acid. Therefore it needs a controlled diet, low in purines to not develop calculus.

  The tumors in dogs and cats: what we must to know?
My dog has a bulk in one breast. When they are bathing it or caressing it, the owners generally discovers these hardnesses in the breasts.
That we must do?
We must consult immediately with our veterinarian so that he decides what to do,
without desperation, but also with decision.
We repeat in each article that each animal is different and also each owner is different and is different the scare and reacting ways.
  kennel Cough
The named “kennel cough”, is a disease of infectious origin, suffered by dogs.
Is a tracheobronchitis, rare name, that it indicates an inflammation of the trachea and the bronchus. Normally its symptoms are: very powerful dry cough (the famous cough of dog), a great depression and temperature. Our pal does not want to eat and it coughed all the time, with a sound similar to the handsaw.
  Fear to the rockets
New Year celebrations are approaching, and a serious problem renews: "Our dog has terror to the rockets". This problem worsens year after year.
This remembers us some experiments of Pavlov. He touched a bell each time that he gave to eat a group of dogs. Every time that the dogs listened to the sound of the bell, they began to secrete saliva. They associated the sound of the bell, with the food. These are the conditional reflections. If they listen to the sound of the keys or the strap, they know that they are going to walk and they jump of joy. They associate key-walk. In the case of the rockets occurs the same. If one time a very uproarious firecracker caused him much fear, with simply to listen to a firecracker of smaller intensity, equally it triggers the conditional reflection: Terror. This reinforces year after year.




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