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A story as many others

Jorge S. Muñoz
Homeopath and Surgeon Veterinarian.

I was finishing to order the cards of the patients who I took care of in the evening, when two people came in with a box of shoes in the hands. Nervous, shaken, scared. They were brothers, of that indefinite age that goes from the thirteen to the eighteen.

-Dr, we found them in the street, while we came back home, they are wet by the rain.

I approach to the box that they deposited on the table, treating to guess what it contained. In my years of veterinarian the contents of the boxes often were true surprises like vipers, hamsters, skunk, ferrets, doves and until a monkey miniature. What will be what they found in the street? They were two kittens, it is very difficult when they are young to differentiate them in male or female -, wet, with the eyes still closed reason why they did not have ten days of life. (The cats born with the eyes closed and they open them to the ten days.
Dying of cold, with secretions in its noses, the possibility of one pneumonia was very serious because is a disease that takes place by cooling. Surely they were left by somebody that did not have the responsibility to have them until they were older and soon to give them. Probably who left them not wise that would rain, that they would have cold, that they would not have food, what to that age it was urgent to them to have a mother cat that lets them its heat and its milk.
Let us suppose that the ignorance, that bandage in the eyes prevented to see them the future of those kittens. But nothing justifies the lack of responsibility. If each one is responsible for one’s, we would be all far better. I remember the fox when it says to the Little Prince: "You are always responsible for what you have domesticated" in relation to the flower that it had. If they do not know the Little Prince story, I recommend them. But, let’s follow with our own story.
I put to the kittens in a special stove to give them heat and while we dried them its hair, I administered serum to them because they were dehydrated and vitamins so that they are reanimated.
The brothers went to look for a very small baby’s bottle to feed them. I gave them a special formula to adapt the cow milk that all we have in home and to transform it in something similar to cat milk. We added it cream, an egg, drop of lemon and drops of vitamins and minerals.
- You must give them ten cubical centimeters each two hours, by day and at night.
They were the words with I say good bye to the brothers, that night.
In the following days, there were some difficulties. The baby’s bottle did not serve because still being small it was very big for the kitten’s mouth. We replaced it by droppers.
One of them couldn’t do poop and this produced pain to him. (The female cat, when the kittens finish sucking, licks their tail and with this it stimulates them so that they tinkle and they defecate, therefore you must do just like million cats coming doing for thousands of years. – I said to them, while they watched to me astonished.
- Not licking them but passing to them a humid cotton as if were the mother with the tongue.
The cold that luckily did not arrive at pneumonia, we controlled it with drops of a homeopathic remedy.
Few days later they opened the eyes. Eight days later we wormed them.
When the kittens are born the mother passes them the eggs of their parasites (worms that live in its intestine) and to the 18 days, these eggs are developed and become in adult parasites. Ten days takes that they open its eyes and eight more give us the eighteen days that we needed for that the anti parasite remedy acts. Every day somebody from the family, some brother, the father, the mother, came. All were alternated for the care.
The kittens were saved thanks to the work in team.
I remember the face of happiness of that family when I communicate them the good news. Even the kittens that already almost do not enter on the box of shoes, showing its heads to listen better.
Today I discharge them from the hospital. They are cured.


Health and Joy.
Until the next one.



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