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Fear to the rockets

Jorge S. Muñoz
Homeopath and Surgeon Veterinarian.

Don’t give medication to your dogs by yourself. Drugs are dangerous.

New Year celebrations are approaching, and a serious problem renews: "Our dog has terror to the rockets". This problem worsens year after year.
This remembers us some experiments of Pavlov. He touched a bell each time that he gave to eat a group of dogs. Every time that the dogs listened to the sound of the bell, they began to secrete saliva. They associated the sound of the bell, with the food. These are the conditional reflections. If they listen to the sound of the keys or the strap, they know that they are going to walk and they jump of joy. They associate key-walk. In the case of the rockets occurs the same. If one time a very uproarious firecracker caused him much fear, with simply to listen to a firecracker of smaller intensity, equally it triggers the conditional reflection: Terror. This reinforces year after year.

The owners approach to the veterinarian, desperate and looking for a magical solution. They already proved fashion tranquilizers, as the Acepromazine, and they does not want that again. "I do not want to see my dog drugged ", "I gave him the half of the dose and he almost dies" "his face reflected the panic but with that remedy he could not move" are some of the most listened phrases.

By a side, we have a problem of difficult solution and on the other hand, the easiest way, than is the Acepromazine. Many people do not want it, by their collateral effects.

To you this article is directed.

In order to find the solution to a problem, first we must know which is the true problem?

To see it better, we must to separate a little bit from it. Do not see the tree, see all the forest. My dog is scared by the rockets. Solution: calm down.

All the dogs are not equal and not all have the same problem.
Several groups of dogs with problem of fear to the rockets exist:

1- Dogs that genetically are scared to storms.

2- Dogs who genetically are hypersensitive to the noises, scents, etc.

3- Dogs that have acquired by a bad experience, fear to the noises.

4- Dogs that by a badly handling, have acquired the habit to shake before a strong noise.

5- Dogs that get angry by everything and bark by everything: stamp, other barks, sirens, firecrackers etc.

1. The animal group that is scared to storms, mainly to the electrical ones, forms a special biotype called “Phosphoric”. These are able to predict a storm, hours before that it happens. Although there is a shining sun, if our dog is anxious, pants, shakes and he is closer to you than usual. We can assure that a storm is approaching. They are an important group of risk to be scared to the firecrackers, to the shots (important in hunting dogs), since with time, they affirm this conditional reflection. Treatment: A homeopathic desensitizer specially designed for this biotype is used. A magistral formula for the fear to Storms exists. They are drops that must be supplied daily.
At the same time a counter conditioning is made.

2. In this group we found different biotypes and breeds of dogs.
All with one characteristic: HYPERSENSITIVES TO EXTERNAL STIMULUS. They are those that sneeze before any perfume, deodorant, etc. They are those that howl when they listen to a siren, an acute musical note, an acute voice, a guitar or a flute. They are those that do not tolerate the direct light of the sun, etc. This hypersensitivity can be pronounced with respect to the firecrackers of different way.
They can produce a blockade which it is expressed with fear, terror, phobia, desire to hide, desire to escape, etc.
It can produce an aggressive nervous reaction: bark, row, indignation, desire to bite, etc.
In these cases, besides of the desensitizer, it is due to add an anti aggressive that does not have important collateral effects and that fundamentally is safe. A Natural Tranquilizer Magistral Formula. (a drop by kilo of weight).
Also we will give to it a training of counter conditioning and routes to canalize its aggression (toys, bones etc.)

3. This it is the most conflicting group, since by a bad experience they have fixed to its minds a conditional reflection. They associate the abrupt noise with its experience and enter panic. Dogs that became lost during a storm or for the New Year celebration or that had some type of accidents. Ray falls, fires, traumatisms, etc.
In this case it is very important to know which the real cause is and to treat it consequently. Homeopathicaly we have remedies for the upheavals by: scare, accidents, mental trauma etc. We called bio pathographics remedies since they work on facts of the past that left track in them. It is necessary to make a good diagnosis and to choose carefully the remedy. In addition, it is accompanied by a suitable training.

4. To this group belong many of the called “super pet dogs”. In fact, the owners are those that have "terror to the rockets" and they transmit this terror to their dogs. They are generally women who lose the control, when these firecrackers sound. Year after year, this agreement is accentuated.
They caress it, they kiss it, they hug it, they say to him: Poor little doggie! My baby! And the poor dog the only thing that it perceives, is that the more it shakes, the more they pet it, and for that reason it does that. In fact this happens in its subconscious mind and it cannot control it. The result is catastrophic: Owner and dog crying and shaking and ruining the New Year celebration to its families.

Treatment: Fundamental it is to cut with that pernicious bond. Natural tranquilizer and training of counter conditioning.

5. This group are composed by nervous and the hyperkinetic dogs. It is a group similar to Nr. 2. But the desensitizer remedies must be chosen in individual form, according to the characteristics of each animal. We can combine the treatment with natural Tranquilizers and counter sensitizer training.

Whatever happens, do not give medicines to your dog by yourself, consults with your veterinarian, who will be able to orient to you in the problem. And do not wait for December 24th and 31st to do it.



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