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Main problems of Dalmatian dogs

Jorge S. Muñoz
Homeopath and Surgeon Veterinarian.

Published in the magazine "Vegetarian Dalmatian" 2002

One of the most important problems that Dalmatians have is the predisposition to form calculus of urates.

They lack an enzyme that allows unfold the purines until becoming at urea, producing an intermediate step, the uric acid. Therefore it needs a controlled diet, low in purines to not develop calculus.

This it would seem a genetic fault in this type of dogs, in fact it is not.
It is only one specific characteristic of this breed. It is the only dog that looks like us, the humans, about this topic.
Because the human beings also lack that enzyme and also we produce uric acid instead of urea.

First important explanation: The Dalmatian is not a failed dog, but a special class of dog, seemed to the human beings, with respect to the metabolism of the purines.

However, if we stop to think just a little bit, we will discover another important thing.

The humans can produce by excess of uric acid, a disease that attacks the joints and is called "Gout". But not all the human beings are going to ill of goat. Nor all the human beings have a free special diet of purines since we are kids.

A question here: If only some humans become ill of goat and only some Dalmatians dogs produce calculus of urates, why there is so much scandal with respect to the diet, the purines, the calculus and the Dalmatians?

The homeopathy gives us tools to analyze the problem:

• One does not become ill of what one wants, but of what one can. A predisposition to become ill exists. Predisposition means "previous state". This is that the Dalmatians have a previous state necessary to produce calculus.

• The susceptibility to become ill is another thing. It is the threshold necessary to be able to become ill. It is what a Dalmatian makes that become ill and another Dalmatian not besides both are eating the same diet. It is the individual characteristic for that problem.

• As this I am not going to know it until the problem takes place, I must prevent it in a not too aggressive form in ALL the ready population, is to say, in all the Dalmatians and with greater emphasis in the males, because in them the problem worsens.
Second important explanation: All the Dalmatians will not produce calculus of urates, just some of them according to their susceptibility. But as I do not know which will be, we will have certain precautions with all preventively.

I count with several alternatives for that:

• Diet with low content of purines.

• Use the called “Allopurinol” medicine in routine form (I do not advise it)

• Use a homeopathic medicine, called "Nosode de Urates" in permanent form. (this is what I advise)

In different articles I will be deepening each one of these subjects, but now I am interested to emphasize that the Dalmatian is not a failed breed and that the problem can be prevented using natural diets and treatments.


Predisposition: Physiological, hereditary or acquired tendency to contract certain disease. Susceptibility: It is the capacity to be modified.



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