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Tumors in the dogs and cats

Jorge S. Muñoz
Homeopath and Surgeon Veterinarian.

My dog has a bulk in one breast. When they are bathing it or caressing it, the owners generally discovers these hardnesses in the breasts.
That we must do?
We must consult immediately with our veterinarian so that he decides what to do,
without desperation, but also with decision.
We repeat in each article that each animal is different and also each owner is different and is different the scare and reacting ways.

What is what we must know about the breast cancer? The animals as the people have the capacity to form tumors. The breasts are a place in where they can to be produced.

One does not become ill of what one wants but of what one can and the predisposition, the susceptibility is very important on that.

Some types of cancers are hereditary and they can be since the birth and just wait for the moment to wake up.

Others however are caused.

The immunity plays an important role in the prevention and also in the treatment. The immunity is formed by all the elements that the body have for its defense: white globules, macrophage cells, lymphocytes, antibodies, etc.

Every day cancerous cells form and every day the body through of the immune systems destroys them.

But the day in which our system of defense does not work. Oh My God!

Therefore is fundamental to maintain our defensive system in good conditions.

For it we must give them a correct feeding, a good exercise, a glad life without too many preoccupations.

It is so bad for a dog to eat always meat, as being locked up all day or being unhappy. The pain is one of the most important causes of the cancer. All the veterinarians have had patients who die of sadness time after the death of their owner.

And how they die? Cancer, most of the times. Why? Because the immune system does not works.

Hate is another of the cancer causes, but this is very little frequent between the dogs since they in general, do not hate.

But we return to our patient with a bulk in its breast.

Not all the tumors are surgical, the evaluation must be made by the veterinarian. Therefore we must trust in its experience, its common sense and its knowledge.

Some tumors, mainly those of very fast growth, are those that are surgical.

The type of tumor, the type of animal and the probable cause are those that influence in the decision to do the surgery or no. Some hard, round, non invasive, with a slow or null growth tumors are those that already established a balance with the body and they are not necessary to extirpate, but to treat.

From the homeopathy, we treated the diseases from the patients. The important thing here is to prop to its defensive system. For it we will give the remedy called “constitutional” and in addition a homeopathic inmunostimulant remedy.

We have the example of “Nani” a Cocker Spaniel dog of 10 years old that one day appears with a bulk in one of its back breasts. But most worrisome is that since one year ago, Nani has been sad, without desire, sleeping all day and it does not feed well.
They were going to bring it to the consult, but by a reason or another, the interview had been postponed.
There was no reason for its sadness.
The blood and tinkle analyses were normal.
But we have to Nani: a sad dog and with a tumor of breasts.

If we operated it in those conditions surely its low immunity does not control the advance of its disease. Nani is a sweet dog, very affectionate, very sensitive to the scents (it sneezes with perfumes), very sensible to the noises (howls when listens to a siren) and afraid to the rockets and storms.
Its remedy is “Phosporus”. Remember that the homeopaths named to the diseases with the name of the remedy that is going to cure them. Nani has a tumor of breasts of phosporus.

We prescribed it to a power of 200, jointly with the homeopathic stimulating of defenses.
To the few days the owner by telephone calls me and says to me:

• what did you gave to Nani?
• Why? Asked her afraid.
Because is as if you had given "Avivol” (a kind or reviving) to it.

It seems a puppy: it wake up in the morning and it comes to us to wake up to the bed, wants to go to walk, enjoys like never, fight and gambles with other dogs, since years ago it did not do it, eats everything with more desire.
You really has transformed to Nani.
After the evaluation of its state and the evolution of the case, a month later we operated it and today after two years it continues being with good health.

This is just an example, not always the things are so good, but the important thing to remark is that in cancer, the most important is the internal state, its immunity, the fast consultation and fundamentally, the prevention. From the homeopathy, we have many elements to consider and a series of medicines to revert its sadness, its lack of appetite, its abandonment in joy and that I cannot obtain it with any other therapeutic and then I must resort to the surgery to extirpate the tumor, since it is very difficult with homeopathic medicines to eliminate a tumor, although sometimes...


Health and Joy
Until the next one!



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