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Welcome to the Website of Argentine Veterinary Homeopathy : here you will find all the important of this natural science with respect to the use in all type of animals.

We have divided the site in Dogs, Cats, Animals of Production, Equines, so you can take a look to the information that you want where it is. Since 1978, Veterinary Doctor Jorge S. Muñoz is to your disposition to help to solve and to prevent problems with your animals.

Why I become in a homeopath.

A certain day, Albert Einstein was taking test of physics in the university and a student who was a little absent-minded, says to him: Professor, they are the same questions of the examination of the last year. To which the eminent physicist responds: - yes, it is truth. The questions are the same, but this year, the answers are different!

What reflection deserves us this anecdote?
That the scientific knowledge in any discipline approaches us to the truth, step by step and with different methods from measurement and control. The truth is a single one but it is inaccessible to the men, we just can be approaching to it. The vision that we have of it, is changing with time. The treatments that were used one hundred years ago are very different from the present ones, also those of fifty years ago, those of ten years, and some of the last year, are different today already.

The Kirk syndrome

I entered to the Faculty of Veterinary with the idea to acquire the sufficient knowledge to cure animals. As I am an urban inhabitant, the animals which are around me are dogs, cats, some birds and other animals of company, badly called pets. It was why the Clinical of Small Animals subject was my favorite subject and to which I spend the 100% of my time and capacity. The clinic is something exciting. To explore the patient like a detective, discovering symptoms, grouping them, discarding some, confirming others, an in the end to find which is the disease that our patient suffers and which is the cause who produced it, with art and patience. And then, to choose the suitable treatment, the most modern, the one that is to our reach to manage the treatment and from this way, to arrive at the joy of the annoying symptoms have gone away.


In those years we used a wonderful book that was as our Bible, our world of the clinic: “The Kirk”. There was all the knowledge that we needed, and also, the solutions to all our problems.
But the time passed and new editions of The Kirk appeared, more modern, present. We studied with Kirk III in Spanish version, and soon they appeared almost followed the V and VI in English version. In that time, the dollar was very cheap in Argentine and suddenly we could buy everything imported, much more economic that the inhabitants of the manufacturing country. Thus, they appeared T.V., toys, albums of photos and Kirk V and VI in English.

There it was where I felt the first symptoms. Doubt, uncertainty, distrust.
I am going to show an example. Demodex is a disease of the skin, resemblance to the Mange, which according to our Kirk III it produced a reaction allergic, that had to be dealt with corticoids, but for the V was not allergic, but produced by action of the parasite, this good documented by serious studies to double blind. Then, corticoids were contraindicated, was necessary to kill the parasite. And all the patients to whom I applied Depomedrol (prednisolone of deposit) and that I thought that I had cured of its allergy???!!!
Another revelation. Actually, what I believed have cured, was only blocked transitorily by the corticoid. What a depression!

But... Now it was everything solved, the new studies and investigations demonstrated that the problem was demodex and to kill it, it was necessary to apply endovenous Neguvon to it (a very powerful phosphorated). In 1978 it was used an endovenous poison to kill demodex, although also Oil of Chaumogra could be used.
But in the Kirk VI, something was glimpsed that soon would be confirmed in the others books. Demodex is a normal inhabitant of the skin of the dogs. Then it could not be the guilty of the disease. Here it is where it appears a word that soon would be very common: Immunity. The animal has low defenses and for that reason demodex attacks. That is. Nor corticoids, nor antiparasitic, now immunostimulating. And it was the turn of the Levamisol, that in addition to being an excellent internal antiparasitic, was a stimulating of the defenses. Here it was where my Kirk syndrome arrived at its greater intensity. Whenever a new book of therapeutic appeared, it was discovered that what we were doing was wrong and from now on it was necessary to do................ Almost weakening, I realized something terrible.
If with each new Kirk, they changed the story, and the diseases were changing as the Kirk was appearing, it seemed to me that to be a good veterinarian, the solution would be to have the new Kirk as rapidly as possible. I even got to obtain a test edition, that came out before the original one. So, having the early results of the latest discovered I would be a better veterinary, I would achieve success with pathologies where my colleagues could not do it. It would realize before others: what things was doing wrong.

The Kirk syndrome in all its splendor.

If in 1978 I had the last version of the therapeutic clinic and I realize that the made in 1968 was not the correct thing, that there was no sufficient information or detailed studies, the technology did not get to discover the truth…. What it would be of me when it was 1988, 1998, 2008, 2018 or 2228. I would be always making the things bad. There are not many things in therapeutic that last ten or twenty years. Except for the aspirin, plaster and enema, all the others things were changing throughout the century.
My depression was total. I thought about leaving everything. Luckily, surgery and traumatology saved me, that as they are almost mechanical. They were lasting. And there it was my enthusiasm, dedication and time.

Years passed and I was a respected traumatologo by my colleagues and clients and one day I was consulted by a colleague friend, (an inter consultation) on a case of a German Shepherd dog of 16 years old, with displasia of hip, that could not walk and was all the day thrown in his doghouse. They had already consulted with other veterinarians very respected and much more experience than mine, and they had proven with different treatments without any result.
After reviewing it and evaluating it, my prognosis was very serious: there was nothing to do, but that to give it some tranquilizer so that it finishes its days of the best possible way. The owner, a very important, determined and with much money woman, decided to take the bull by the spears, and to consult with the human reumatologo more important of the world. And she went with all the studies for Holland. He derived her to a veterinarian, who was working in his interdisciplinary equipment. The veterinarian, who resided in Denmark, received the studies, asked on some symptoms, took a medicine from the display cabinet and told her: -Give this to your dog, ten drops twice the day. The woman returned to Buenos Aires, gave it the medicine and after two days the dog was walking, of good spirit and good appetite. WHAT DID HE GIVE IT? That was the shout that we gave with my colleague who took care of it. The remedy, that was written in Danish and we had to translate, was a homeopathic remedy.........

In a month, we were both in one of the few courses of homeopathy for doctors, but in whom they accepted veterinarians, the Argentine Homeopathic Medical Association.

In one of the first classes, the professor, an old doctor, but very active and intelligent, began to speak to us of therapeutic. And the therapeutic book of more important is called “The Repertoire of Kent”, that was written by a North American homeopath named Kent.
Kent, Kirk, North America, therapeutic, they already began to choke me, with the idea of new editions and the new ways and everything what I told. The book was published in 1900 compiling to other repertoires not very complete. It was an arduous work of almost 20 years. In my mind I was calculating what number of Kent they would go. To one every two years, from 1900 to 1985, it gave me 42 editions!
I asked so what number of repertoire they went. Which was the more modern and updated? The professor watched to me with face of not understanding the question, and after awhile, he smiled and he said to me: There is one single one, it was written in 1900, compiling to very previous others, and as is very complete, that is used.
What? Is it not very old?
No. If something correctly works in 1900, why we were going to change it? The homeopathic medicine, the way to choose it, the doctrine, and the practice of the homeopathy, is the same since Hahnemann published his first book in 1810. Of course that in all these years it have been added new medicines, clinical investigations, studies, works, infinity of congresses have been done, they have been written million of books, but what serves, it continues serving. It is increased, but not replacing. One can read perfectly a book of homeopathy from 1860 and to extract knowledge to be applied today and will be applied tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. That is called "perdurability". That is the great endorsement that the homeopathy has and that our allopathists colleagues do not understand. Beyond if it is possible to explain or to expose mathematically the homeopathy has been working for 200 years in the same way and solves many medical problems and aid to our patients to have a life better.
That tranquilized me so much, that I began no just to learn homeopathy, but to enjoy day to day it and to be surprised day to day of its results. Today I am rewriting this in 2005, with 27 years as a veterinarian and 19 as a homeopath and I continue studying, practicing, investigating and surprising me every day of the power that has the homeopathy.
Health and Joy

Jorge Muñoz

Peter Drucker is an economist who changed the course of the economy describing something very important: management. It defined it with respect to the direction of the companies, but it is perfectly applied to the medicine (including of course, the veterinary medicine).
Don Pedro says to us that the medicine is not a science, nor an art. The medicine is practical. The knowledge is very important, but it is much more the experience, the common sense, intelligence in the moment of choosing a treatment.

These are some considerations of why I became a homeopath. When in the course of my post degree of homeopathy my professors told me that the treatments that are used today are the same that Hahnemann used or Lux 200 years ago, first they caused me a great surprise and a great calm. The explanation was very simple: if they were good and they served in 1810 why we are going to change?

Instead of discovering as the pharmacokinetic is to each drug, how long is in blood, which are the receivers that it blocks, which is the primary action. The homeopathy is based on three unremovable principles:

1- The resemblance will cure to the resemblance. What produces the diarrhea will cure to the diarrhea, as Hippocrates said.

2- If we used infinitesimals doses.

3- Experiencing in healthy men the effect of different substances, we will see which are the symptoms by which those same substances in infinitesimals doses will be their remedy.

This is based in the induction scientific principle.
But this will be subject of another article.





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