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Flowes of Bach in animals

Jorge S. Muñoz
Homeopath and Surgeon Veterinarian.

The nonhuman animals, although some scientist denies it, have emotions, just as the human animals.
Hatred, love, pain, rage, fear, phobias, produces in them psychophysics consequences of diverse intensity according to each individual.
The floral essences work at mental and emotional level and are a perfect complement in certain cases.
Sometimes are used single and other times with deeper homeopathic treatments. They respond to the action of the flowers better than humans, since they do not have any prejudice that obstructs its action.
It is worth to clarify that the action of placebo does not work in animals, therefore the simple action of each essence produces an equilibrant reaction easy to detect and only due to the action of that flower. When we used dinamizated flowers, in the style of homeopathic drugs, its action is more lasting and with two or three times to the day it is sufficient.
In the acute cases, a treatment of ten days completes the therapy.
In the chronic cases, they can be used during greater time and in these cases is needed a deep treatment. Normally the unicist homeopathy is necessary.
In order to know what flower is the correct to use, we must do an emotional diagnosis.
They can be given in the mouth with a dropper or mixed with water, milk or in the food. The animals can be: aggressive, jealous, sad, anxious, indifferent, apathetic, proud, independent, solitary, possessive, excessively dependent, dominant or intimidated.
In acute cases of traumatisms, surgeries, wounds, phobias, terror, in where the factor stress is very important, can be given two to four drops hourly.
The animal flowertherapy never presents risk, is compatible with any other medication, can be used in pregnant females, new born puppies, any animal species, birds or fish.
Any stressing situation in the house, like a change, a fight, a divorce, the abandonment in a day-care center, somebody ill, beginning with the dog walker, fights between dogs or cats, a trip, the vacations or any other situation non looked for, that it finds to our dog or cat without defenses. This can even cause changes of conduct or the beginning of some disease.
In order to surpass these crises the floral remedies are well indicated, along with the homeopathic medicine.
The floral remedies were hackneyed during years by the informers in any magazine or booklet they specified the indications for any situation and like all the improvised, it can not be good. They are innocuous, but that does not mean that they do not act. On the contrary.
Many people think that they only act like placebo of hysterical women.
The animal use, shows to us how mistaken are.
We used Agrimony for the anxious ones, Aspen for the easily frightened ones, Beech for the intolerants, Centaury for the submissive ones, Cerato for the distracted ones and thus we have for all the different types.
But a deep analysis is needed to choose the ideal mixture for each case.

Health and Joy.
Until the next one.


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