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Newton and the apple

Jorge S. Muñoz
Homeopath and Surgeon Veterinarian.


Was Mr. Newton seated in the forest of the English countryside, enjoying the sun and the air, fleeing from the plague that whipped the cities (only way of prevention of the time), when suddenly, an apple of a tree falls, some witnesses say that it fell in his head. EUREKA, that means "I discovered '", says Isaac (or was Archimedes?). The certain thing is that with this fortuitous fact, one of the greatest scientists of all the times, discovered a natural law (that it was in the nature) the GRAVITY LAW, that says: "all body is attracted by the Earth with a determined force called weight". The genius of Newton, did not invent anything, the gravity law was there from the origin of the universe.
But he was who realized its existence, extracted it from the nature, studied and gave a practical utility in the physics.
Newton, Archimedes (the one of bathtub) that discovered that a kilo of lead not has same volume that kilo of feather or Galileo (sacrilegious) that discovered that the Earth turns around the Sun and not to the inverse one, all they were discoverers of natural laws. SCIENCE, according to the Dictionary is: "the systematic observation of the natural phenomena with the purpose of discovering the laws that govern them and its experimentation to observe its repetivity."
For that reason the Gravity Law is a scientific law that is incorporated to the physics.
Dr JENNER in 1790 observed with curiosity that the milkers of cows did not become ill of smallpox (epidemic disease common in that time). After several experimentations he verified that there was something in the nipples of the cow that produced in the milkers a similar disease to the smallpox, but lighter that caused something in their organism that not allowed that they become ill of smallpox.
He had discovered the VACCINE, called like this in honor of the cows, based in a natural law called ANALOGY.
Nothing more scientific that a vaccine.
By those years, in Germany, the Dr Samuel Hahnemnann warned, reading a book of Pharmacology, that: "the intoxicated ones by the called substance CHINESE OFFICINALIS developed symptoms such as: very high fever, deliriums, profuse perspiration, diarrhea very debilitating, tremors etc. The peculiar thing of the case is that these symptoms are very similar to the Paludism, tropical fever that is treated and cured with CHINA OFFICINALIS or quinine. Here it is the “Eureka” of Hahnemann: it discovered the same law of analogy that Jenner but for other applications. "What produces the disease cures the disease" or what is the same: "if we have a patient with SIMILAR symptoms to the produced ones by a determined substance, with this substance it cured '" He experimented during several years to verify finally that it always hapenned the same and thus he enunciated the SIMILARITY LAW.
Law extracted from the nature and that it serves as basis for the treatment of diseases and, as the Gravity Law of Newton, was there from the beginning of the times and is perfectly reproducible in infinity of cases. It had been born the HOMEOPATHY.

Health and Joy.
Until the next one.


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