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Veterinary alternative therapies

Jorge S. Muñoz
Homeopath and Surgeon Veterinarian.

Is the alternative therapy a solution to all the problems?
Which are the patients who concur to their doctor's office looking for solution their problems?
How are these problems? The homeopathy is a specialty or simply the use of another type of medicines?
These are questions made by people who find out our specialty: the homeopathy veterinary. And they represent the restlessness of many of you.
Today we speak of alternative and complementary therapies, because the homeopathy as other medical specialties is only incorporated to the therapy if it is necessary.
All the cases do not need a homeopathic treatment, or the use of Bach flowers or acupuncture or chiropraxis, in the same way that all the cases do not need a surgery to be able to be solved.
The homeopathy is a specialty of the veterinary medicine that requires of a course of post degree (after veterinary graduation) of 3 years with annual examinations and a diploma that credits as specialist.
People arrive at us by two ways:
1) Through somebody who was fine with a homeopathic treatment and recommends to us.
2) Somebody desperate with a serious case that finds out of our existence and calls to us. But also it is the neighbor of the other block that concurs to the veterinary medicine simply with some problem and does not know of our specialty and we helped him to solve their problem with homeopathy or the treatment that needs, that can be the use of a flea control or a good diet or some other simple handling.
I remember the case of “Jinete”, a Siberian Husky that entered to our clinic, afraid, with the tail between the legs and that tremor that some dogs have when they enter in a veterinarian's office. It was behind its owner and it spied to us with curiosity. Soon its curiosity was greater than its fear and it approached when I showed it a little mouse of toy. The owner told us that Jinete wet its dog house with piss. In the night it pissed in its bed. Its owners thought that it took cold or that it did not retain the piss and they take a walk late every night or that it ate salty things and took much liquid reason why they retired the water in the night, but the problem continued.
A clinical examination of Jinete showed us a dog of 2 years, strong, without evident alterations, good physical state, good hair, goods teeth, correct the functioning of its heart, its lungs, their digestive apparatus.
Blood and urine was extracted to it to make the routine examinations, that soon demonstrated were normal.
From this way we discarded some metabolic, renal or infectious problem that explains its upheaval to us.
What Jinete suffered was an enuresis of emotional origin.
Often the animals react physically to emotional problems and this way they are warning to us.
But what emotional problem had Jinete? We asked over and over again, but any problem appeared, it took a normal life, it was glad and playful, nor stress.
It didn’t read newspapers, neither paid to taxes nor it did discuss with an authoritarian boss nor nothing by that style.
But evidently something was happening to him. The homeopathy gives us a great medicine battery to treat these problems, still without detecting which is its true origin.
We looked for his constitutional medicine, that that by its form to be, by its form to react, its tropism, by its metabolic characteristics, its desires of food, its reaction to the cold and the heat, arose. I chose a medicine that is called “Pulsatilla” and with it Jinete was cured. An antibiotic would not cure it, not because the antibiotics do not serve, but because in this case they do not act because there is no infection.
There isn’t a better therapy than a remedy good chosen. In this case it was a homeopathic remedy.

Health and Joy.
Until the next one.


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